Medicare Supplement, 
Medicare Advantage and Part D

All Valley Agency, shops the market to find the best plan at the lowest cost for your particular need and budget. We are Medicare Insurance experts and provide complete customer service for all clients. We make Medicare simple.

Medicare Advantage/Part D 
Countdown to
Annual Election Period to enroll and or make a change in coverage

  • New to Medicare: guarenteed issue/no health questions   

  • Medicare is your primary Insurance

  • Medicare Supplements are the secondary insurance, picking up Deductibles, 20% & any excess charges (depending on the plan selected)

  • Medicare supplements pay on what medicare approves (depending on the plan you select)

  • Plans available in Idaho: A,B,F,G & N

  • Plans available in Oregon A,B,F,G & N



  • Enrollment periods apply:  Annual Election Period - Open Enrollment

    ​                        Initial Election Period - turning 65 /new to medicare                                                      Special Election Period                                                    
  • You pay a monthly premium with Medicare Advantage plans in addition to your Medicare Part B premium, Medicare Advantage plans are your primary and secondary insurance.     
  • Only one health question, ESRD (End-stage renal disease
  • Most Medicare Advantage plans have prescription benefits included
  • Medicare Advantage plans have co pays for Doctor services, hospital and all procedures. (The individual manages their care)  in most plans you need to use the plans network of  Doctors, Hospitals and other providers or you may pay more or all of the cost. (out of network costs)                                         

  • Obtained through a Medicare Advantage plan or adding a stand alone plan to a Medicare Supplement plan.

  • Enrollment periods apply

  • costs that apply, premium, deductible (depending on the plan selected) prescription co pays, coverage gap

  • limited income you may be eligible for extra help for your medicare prescription coverage & copays

  • Individuals that delay signing up for part D will incur a late penalty that is added to your premium for as long as you are in the part D program (exceptions depending on certain cercurmstances)

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