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Medicare made simple

After enrollment in Medicare Part A and B, All Valley Agency can help individuals who are turning 65 enroll in a Medicare supplement with a separate drug plan (Part D) or Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) with a drug plan or adding a separate drug plan. 

Enrollment in Part A is automatic (and free) with the social security administration. For Medicare Part B, social security will send you a notification out in the mail or you can call the social security office at 1-800-772-1213 to get enrolled.

Medicare Supplement 

Medicare Advantage 

Prescription drug (Part D)

To enroll in a Medicare plan, you have the three months before your birthday, the month of you birthday and three months after your birthday, (as long as you are enrolled in part B.)

If you are already enrolled in a supplement or advantage plan and you would like to change companies or plans, you can do so during open enrollement. Open enrollment happens every years between October 15 to December 7.

If you are new to Medicare, your supplement will be guaranteed issue and you will not have to answer any health questions. We are contracted with a variety of health insurance carriers, including Blue Cross, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, AARP, Mountain Health Co-op and many others. There are also different plans from Plan A to Plan N.


We will help you choose the best carrier and plan based on your needs and budget.


Medicare Advantage plans are also guaranteed issue and require no health questions if you are new to Medicare. The difference between an advantage plan and a supplement is the coverage, pricing and most Medicare Advantage plans have prescription benefits included. 


Advantage plans tend to be cheaper (some are no cost,) but there is a higher out of pocket expense. Medicare Advantage plans have co pays and in most plans you need to use the plans network or you may pay more for out of network costs.                            

Part D coverage is obtained through a Medicare Advantage plan or adding a stand alone plan to a Medicare Supplement plan.​​ If you have limited income you may be eligible for extra help for your Medicare prescription coverage & copays.

Some of the carriers we are contracted with Part D coverage are: Silverscript, Wellcare, and Humana.
Individuals that delay signing up for part D will incur a late penalty that is added to your premium for as long as you are in the part D program.

All Valley Agency, shops the market to find the best plan at the lowest cost for your particular needs and budget. If you are low income, there might be a chance you qualify for Medicaid. We can help you go through the steps to see if you are able to enroll in Medicaid and can receive extra help.

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